Sea Glass Photography

seaglass photography

Each piece of sea glass and china in my photos has been collected over the years on the shores of the US and Canada. Each is unique in its history and form, and each has a story to tell. Authentic sea glass and china has been gradually smoothed and finished by sand, churned by water over the tides of time. When your lucky enough to finally discover a shimmering piece on the shore, it is truly a gift from the sea.

Although we may never know the personal history of each piece of glass that grazes our shores, we can often learn the story behind the design. For me personally, walking along the beach and collecting treasures during each season fills me with a sense of calm and inner peace that I am unable to find elsewhere. It is this peace that I hope to bring to you through my Sea Glass Photography.

Enjoy these gifts from Mother Nature!

Kathryn Toma

P: 781-659-7892


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