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Create Your Own DIONE Bracelet! (Compare to PANDORA)

You’ve been admiring PANDORA jewelry for months. The “build your own” charm bracelet has been the hottest accessory in 2011 and will continue to be in 2012. But sometimes PANDORA can be hard to afford…that’s where build-your-own bead bracelet system DIONE comes in to play!

build your own bracelet - compare to PANDORA

Build Your Own Bracelet from Ash Tree Designs

This fall, exclusively available from Ash Tree Designs of 6 In the Shipyard, you will be able to build the bracelet of your dreams or give your own bracelet as a gift for this upcoming holiday season.

DIONE, (pronounced dee-oh-nee), was the mother of the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, according to Greek mythology. The available lampworked glass, gemstones, crystals, metal and other large-hole beads are beautiful accents to commemorate all the special occasions in every woman’s life.

Build your own bracelet with DIONE glass beads

Glass Beads w/ Grommets, $4 ea.

Building your own bracelet is simple: 

1) Start off by ordering your base: gorgeous silver and gold chains are available in 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 bracelet sizes.

2) Next, order your first bead or beads. Start off with a stunning statement bead that will set the “theme” of your bracelet for yourself, or if you are giving it as a gift.

3) Then, order accent beads. These can be faceted glass beads in any color, or gold / silver metal beads that will further enhance the beauty of your bracelet: you decide!

4) Don’t stop at single beads! You can also order animal beads, letters, and limitless charms to commemorate seasons or other special events.

Not feeling creative? Simply give us your budget and color palette, and we’ll be happy to create something for you. There are also several gorgeous pre-made bracelets available for purchase at the 6 In the Shipyard shop.

So stop by the 6 In the Shipyard shop to get started on your own bracelet today, or contact me to inquire about special orders or available bead options!

Ashley Osgood


P: 781-724-6861

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6 In the Shipyard Welcomes Fall and the Holiday Season!

The weather is getting a bit colder here at the Hingham Shipyard Launch, but things are busier than ever with Paul Wahlberg’s opening of his new restaurant, “Wahlburgers”, and all of the Hingham Shipyard vendors gearing up for the upcoming holiday season: we are excited, and think that it’s going to be a good one!

6 in the shipyard hingham ma boutique

It is also official that Alice the gallery manager from the South Shore Art Center will be joining us as another 6 In the Shipyard Vendor: Sloan Fine Art. Already, she has some artists on board: a pottery artist, the artist that does the glass blown ornaments, and two painters. She brings with her high-end, creative and unique quality products – much like our inventory here at the shop.

The shop has seen some cosmetic lifts as well – there will soon be a small etegere in the front of the store displaying product from each 6 In the Shipyard vendors, along with a small, silver frame sign that holds each of our business cards. You can read here bios of every vendor’s business with their merchandise. We are also doing some painting to highlight some of the great product lines we currently carry.

Coming down the 6 In the Shipyard Party Alert Pipeline, there are some fun events in the works for the first weekend in October, and the Shipyard is also repeating the SOWA event the weekend following Thanksgiving. Each vendor has prepared fresh inventory to match every style and budget, so stop by this crisp fall month to see us!

Be sure to stay tuned for new, additional shop hours begining in October!

Owner of Dock This Way and co-manager of 6 In The Shipyard

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Dorothy Rumored to Attend “Wizard of Oz” Outdoor Movie

wizard of oz outdoor movie 6 in the shipyard

Dorothy from Wizard of Oz This Thursday, August 25th at dusk, the Launch at Hingham Shipyard will be featuring it’s last free outdoor summer movie, “The Wizard of Oz.”

While we refuse to acknowledge that the summer is coming to an end, we certainly plan on making the most out of this evening. So we’ve invited the star of the movie, Dorothy, to come by 6 In the Shipyard to meet with and sign autographs for small guests looking to enjoy the movie. Rumor has it she’s got a basket of candy to pass out, and she may be able to convince her puppy to come along with her.

To help you further enjoy the outdoor movie, concessions from Patriot Cinemas, Red Mango and Paul Wahlberg’s elegant Alma Nove restaurant will be on sale for attendees. As always, 6 In the Shipyard also will provide a great place to pick up the latest hand crafted jewelry fashions for fall, fun hostess gifts, relaxing spa products, and much more!

So stop by the Launch this Thursday night for a last weekend of fun before school starts – we hope to see you then!

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Jellybean Rugs from 6 In the Shipyard

With a good month left in the prime summer months, 6 In the Shipyard is busier than ever organizing new events, creating new artistic pieces, and adding new, inventive product lines to our stock.

buoy rugs from jellybean

Buy Jellybean Rugs at 6 In the Shipyard

One of the latest products now available from Dock This Way is a spread of unique, bright-colored rugs from Jellybean. We’ve got a whole rack sporting gorgeous summer designs, from sea life, beach scenes, and our favorite, lobster buoys – which you can see pictured here.

And if you’re freaking out at all from yesterday’s Street meltdown, consider stimulating the economy by purchasing a rug from 6 In the Shipyard. Not only are these rugs made in America, but 6 In the Shipyard is a small business run by vendors dedicated to promoting small business by women for women – and we hope to be here for years to come.

Come support us today by stopping by and picking up a rug of your own, handmade jewelry, or a gift for any upcoming big event that you may have in your calendar this month – we look forward to seeing you!

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Extended Hours – And Awesome Matching Clothes!

Every Thursday night at the Hingham Shipyard, there are free outdoor movies at dusk. This Thursday, July 21st, the featured film is “Eat, Pray, Love”, which as been the inspiration for our hot-selling “Eat, Poop, Sleep” Onesies.

eat poop sleep onesies

In celebration of this movie, 6 In the Shipyard has extended hours and a whole slew of new products. Stop by to get a “Eat, Poop, Sleep” Onesie of your very own to be a hit at your next baby shower, or get the adult t-shirt version with “Eat, Drink, Leave” emblazoned on the front. Priceless!

We hope you are all enjoying your summer – hope to see you soon in The Shipyard!

Jayne Osgood

Dock This Way


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NKOTBSB Sporting Dot Rat TShirt at Fenway Concert

NKOTBSB – or, the New Kids on the Block Backstreet Boys Tour 2011, for nonbelievers – came to perform in Boston this past weekend, hometown of the New Kids. My little sister and I went to it, both being lifelong and admitted Backstreet Boys fans, and we were blown away from the performance. The show was particularly special, I think, because it was done in the New Kids’ hometown of Boston. Among the special guests were Jordin Sparks, Mayor Menino, and Mark Wahlberg even came out to introduce his brother’s group!

6 In the Shipyard has DOT RAT shirt seen in NKOTBSB Fenway Concert

2011 NKOTBSB Concert In Fenway Park!

What does this totally awesome event have anything to do with 6 In the Shipyard? I’ll tell you. Towards the end of the concert, one of the New Kids sang a number sporting a Dot Rat T-Shirt. Danny Woods, a local of Dorchester, was a great model for the local t-shirt brand: which we also happen to carry here at 6 In the Shipyard (We apologize for lack of image documentation: it was raining very hard, and we didn’t want to get the camera wet. Trust us!) According to CollegeHype, Donnie Wahlberg has also been seen sporting this great T-Shirt brand as well.

Dot Rat TShirts at 6 In the ShipyardThe shirts were designed and produced by local screen printing company, CollegeHype. We were pleased to have one of our vendors, Dock This Way, to start carrying the merchandise in the store location. You may have seen a post a few weeks back on Dock This Way’s announcement of 6 In the Shipyard carrying CollegeHype merchandise.

All in all, the concert was amazing. Mayor Menino declared that day to be NKOTBSB day, and the presence of Boston sports teams jerseys made us feel even more at home and happy to be there. DOT RAT Danny Woods also made a pitch during the concert for his raffle to win his own Harley Davidson motorcycle – all benefits go towards the Susen G. Komen for the cure for breast cancer. Please visit the Woods Harley Raffle site for more details on how to support the cause, and to participate and maybe win a sweet ride!

Also be sure to check out the CollegeHype site to see all the merchandise they have to offer, and then stop by the shop to get your own!

-Ashley Osgood
Ash Tree Design
Twitter: @TheAshTree

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Sea Glass Photography at 6 In the Shipyard

sea glass photography printsNow that the temperature is soaring – it’s time to feel the cooling ocean breeze at 6 In The Shipyard and perhaps take home a bit of the sea with you!

Sea Glass Photography has several new photos, taken in April 2011, now on display at 6 In the Shipyard store location located in Hingham, MA.

These past 2 months especially have seen a surge in sea glass print sales, especially matted and framed prints that are perfect for a summer home, or to liven your house up for summertime in New England.

Please remember, all photos are available in a variety of frames and sizes, simply matted or as note cards. Just ask!

Kathryn Toma

P: 781-659-7892


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Meet the Artist Event: June 9th, 2011!

6 In the Shipyard is having another fantastic event next week: The “Meet The Artist” party will take place this Thursday, June 9th with mosaic artist Nanci Jaye. We will be having 10% off of her gorgeous mosaic pieces this night only. And, as always, the evening will be full of specials, and we will be introducing some exciting new product lines…perfect timing to pick up unique gifts for graduations, teachers, Father’s Day or just for yourself!

mosaic mirrors hingham MA

Beautiful Mosaic Mirrors from Artist Nanci Jaye, Available at 6 In the Shipyard!

  • Get that special someone a pair of handmade earrings or a one-of-a-kind journal from Ash Tree Designs
  • Your favorite boater or beach goer our famous Upside Down Tide Shirt for 2011 from Dock This Way
  • Make a huge hit at your next baby shower with our -can’t keep them in stock- “Eat, Poop, Sleep” Onesies! They have been such a big hit we have been asked to do them in adult (men’s) sizes 😉
  • Special on Pink Poppy watches – large watches $20 (orig. $30) and small watches $15 (orig. $28). The first 10 clients shopping with The Pink Poppy will also receive a complimentary spreader (retails $8)!

Other exciting additions to the 6 In the Shipyard Boutique include Statement Pillows, Bright & Recycled entry rugs!

So block Thursday night off to find that perfect statement piece of jewelry for that summer event or pick up one of the fun bright Pink Poppy watches available in every color. We’ll be serving refreshments: you don’t want to miss this!

See you there!

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“When Pigs Fly” Jewelry from Ash Tree Designs

Introducing the latest conceptual jewelry pieces from Ash Tree Designs, the “When Pigs Fly” jewelry line, now available exclusively at 6 In the Shipyard. These pieces are created using handmade glass pigs strung with antiqued pewter wings and hung on a necklace or paired in a pair of earrings.

TheWhen Pigs Fly line was created to represent what it means to battle the impossible, as the phrase often suggests in conversation. These unique jewelry pieces are intended to symbolize overcoming a seemingly impossible goal, or in the instance that you have overcome an impossible obstacle, to be a reminder of your success. Read more about these handmade necklaces and earrings at the Ash Tree Design online shop listing.

when pigs fly jewelry

When Pigs Fly Necklace, $25

There are currently two beta versions of the actual glass pigs, as I’m trying to determine the piece that best reflects the concept. One is a longer pig that looks perfect as a pendant necklace, the other is a smaller, rounder, and cuter pig that make perfect earrings.

So if you or someone you care about is battling against a seemingly hopeless cause, the “When Pigs Fly” jewelry line may be a great gift to help them get over that edge. Limited qualities are available at the 6 In the Shipyard store location, where you can find them “flying” all over the store – so come and get yours today!

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“Eat, Poop, Sleep” Embroidered Bibs from Dock This Way

Photo Credit: Patriot Ledger

Inspired by the reflective Julia Roberts’ movie “Eat. Pray. Love”, 6 In the Shipyard‘s own in-house embroidery vendor, Dock This Way, came up with a line of baby bibs that we just can’t keep in stock.

Embroidered on bright-colored bibs or simple white ones, “Eat, Poop, Sleep” baby bibs always get a laugh when people walk by the store and inevitably come in to see what more we have to offer.

If you’ve seen our great Patriot Ledger article from late April, you have already seen pictured left the adorable white bib with accents of orange and green, with the three simple words that embody adorable little babies embroidered in green in the center. Available in multiple bib color schemes and thread colors, these are funny, original gift ideas for baby showers, or for a “just because” gift for the baby in your life.

So stop by 6 In the Shipyard to pick up your bib today: we are constantly adding fresh styles, and they don’t last long!

You can also contact Jayne Osgood of Dock This Way at 617.827.0740 for more information, or to get started on your own customized project today.

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