Dock This Way

Dock This Way Embroidery and Design

Created out of a split partnership two years ago, Dock This Way was initiated as a sole embroidery and silkscreen business. The name is taken from the ever-popular song, “Walk This Way” and should be said as such. And yes, Aerosmith is our favorite band.

Now, we are so much more. Our business is family entity, each one of us bringing something unique, different, and creative to the table. My daughter, an artist who recently  graduated from the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, owns her own handmade jewelry and wedding calligraphy business called Ash Tree Design, and she is also another vendor featured here at the Shipyard. Ashley also has many more products of hers (and ours) on the Ash Tree Creations Website Рincluding our upside-down tide shirts, recycled canvas sail products, and much more Рnow also being carried at the Shipyard store location!

Embroidery for Christmas Stockings

Embroidery for Christmas Stockings, $10

My husband, a gifted artisan, also runs his own business – Fair Winds Marine Canvas and Upholstery for boat cushions and other boat accessories. He’s extremely detail-oriented, takes great pride in his work. It’s amazing what types of projects he can tackle and the dexterity and skill he utilizes to complete them. Contact me to get in touch with him, if your boat is in need of some aesthetic attention!

Duck baby blanket

Embroidered baby blankets, $24

Lastly, my name is Jayne Osgood, and I am business woman with 30+ retail and sales experience. I now specialize in interior design and sales at Six In the Shipyard, and am so excited to be joining forces with these very talented individuals.

Jayne Osgood

P: 617-827-0740




  1. Great Job Jayne,

    I wish you all lots of luck and joy in your business.

    luv ya,


  2. I can’t wait to stop by and see the place. Bravo to you!!!


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