Ash Tree Designs

Wedding Calligraphy

Wedding calligraphyCalligraphy was an art that I had taught myself as a Sophomore at Archbishop Williams High School, where I was employed to write out certificate names for various high school ceremonies. It was a great way to practice and further hone my craft, and by the time I reached college and was looking for a part-time job, I realized I had a valuable skill that I should capitalize on. Now, with less than two weeks max between job, Ash Tree Calligraphy is as busy as ever!

Handmade Jewelry

when pigs fly handmade necklace

Ash Tree jewelry follows a very specific style: my own! Though I try and inspire myself by going through what’s hot in fashion magazine, I can’t help but have my own taste come through in my jewelry pieces. I’ve had great success at jewelry parties, and at the yearly Museum School of Fine Arts Sidewalk Sale. You also know you are a success when you’re mother is the one stealing your jewelry… 🙂

Ashley Osgood

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  1. Id like a price quote on your screen printing on tshirts. The east Weymouth neighborhood assoc is hosting our annual Taste of Weymouth fundraiser to benefit the food pantry and were looking into t shirts for our volunteers to be easily identified. thanks.

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