Posted by: shipyardadmin | November 4, 2011

Museum Quality Umbrellas Just In for Winter Weather

Buy your own Sunflower Umbrella at 6 In the Shipyard

We’ve long since said goodbye to summer here at the shipyard – and while that’s depressing, it doesn’t mean we have to leave behind bright, happy colors with the onset of winter weather.

6 In the Shipyard’s own Jayne Osgood of Dock This Way Embroidery & Design has just brought in a series of colorful floral umbrellas – totally cute, fun, and chic all kinds of precipitation – especially if you want to get noticed!

Buy Flower Umbrellas at 6 In the Shipyard

Each  museum-quality umbrella features a full size flower on top, and it has made a great colorful display inside our Hingham, MA boutique. In addition to flowers, we have a few painted scenes scattered throughout the store, opened and closed.

So while you’re Christmas Shopping this year (if you can believe it – Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks!) or stopping by our neighbor’s –Wahlburgers – for a bite to eat, chances are you’ll get caught in the rain. Or snow. Or whatever else crazy weather happens in this crazy state…and you’ll need a chic, sturdy umbrella to keep your hair fabulous. Limited supply are available, and we’re so pleased to see them blowing out the door – so come and see us to get yours today!

Jayne Osgood
P: 617-827-0740


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