Posted by: shipyardadmin | October 6, 2011

Create Your Own DIONE Bracelet! (Compare to PANDORA)

You’ve been admiring PANDORA jewelry for months. The “build your own” charm bracelet has been the hottest accessory in 2011 and will continue to be in 2012. But sometimes PANDORA can be hard to afford…that’s where build-your-own bead bracelet system DIONE comes in to play!

build your own bracelet - compare to PANDORA

Build Your Own Bracelet from Ash Tree Designs

This fall, exclusively available from Ash Tree Designs of 6 In the Shipyard, you will be able to build the bracelet of your dreams or give your own bracelet as a gift for this upcoming holiday season.

DIONE, (pronounced dee-oh-nee), was the mother of the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, according to Greek mythology. The available lampworked glass, gemstones, crystals, metal and other large-hole beads are beautiful accents to commemorate all the special occasions in every woman’s life.

Build your own bracelet with DIONE glass beads

Glass Beads w/ Grommets, $4 ea.

Building your own bracelet is simple: 

1) Start off by ordering your base: gorgeous silver and gold chains are available in 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 bracelet sizes.

2) Next, order your first bead or beads. Start off with a stunning statement bead that will set the “theme” of your bracelet for yourself, or if you are giving it as a gift.

3) Then, order accent beads. These can be faceted glass beads in any color, or gold / silver metal beads that will further enhance the beauty of your bracelet: you decide!

4) Don’t stop at single beads! You can also order animal beads, letters, and limitless charms to commemorate seasons or other special events.

Not feeling creative? Simply give us your budget and color palette, and we’ll be happy to create something for you. There are also several gorgeous pre-made bracelets available for purchase at the 6 In the Shipyard shop.

So stop by the 6 In the Shipyard shop to get started on your own bracelet today, or contact me to inquire about special orders or available bead options!

Ashley Osgood


P: 781-724-6861


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