Posted by: shipyardadmin | May 16, 2011

6 In the Shipyard Featured in Patriot Ledger!

Thank you so much to Dana Barbuto of the Patriot Ledger who stopped by our shop a few weeks back – the result was an amazing article in the huge local South Shore paper, and we’re both proud to see our business in print and pleased to see the feedback and interest in 6 In the Shipyard.

The article was published in the Women’s Business section of the paper late April 2011, along with a great picture of Dock This Way‘s Jayne Osgood. The article was an excellent tribute to our vision of what we hope for the 6 In the Shipyard shop, which our six businesses have combined with the goal of supporting each others’ unique and mostly handmade items.

Photo Credit: Patriot Ledger

The Patriot Ledger 6 In the Shipyard article goes on to describe the shop and further delves into what we are all about. It touched on Jayne’s love of Steven Tyler that resulted in her business name, Dock This Way, and Denise from Camilley’s Closet commented on how the phrase 6 In the Shipyard is like Sex In the City – both are by women for women!

If you have yet to stop by the shop and are local to Hingham, now’s the perfect time. May is a busy spring month full of graduations, first communions, getting ready for the  boating season, and even weddings. We’ve got the perfect gifts for these special occasions, as wall as monthly events that include refreshments and appetizers for our customers, product specials, and free gifts.

So stop by today to pick up some one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry from Ash Tree Designs, customized clothing from Dock This Way, stunning photography from Sea Glass photography, soothing spa items from Soul One One, or keep up with the latest bling from Camilley’s Closet. There’s something for everyone in this local boutique!

Please read the online version of the Patriot Ledger article we are all so proud of – and come see us at The Launch in Hingham, 18 Shipyard Drive today!


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