Posted by: shipyardadmin | May 9, 2011

Hottest 2011 Fashion Trend: Evil Eye Jewelry

The 2011 hot-jewelry item is Evil Eye jewelry – and being the fashion-forward ladies at 6 In the Shipyard that we are, we have been carrying a selection of Evil Eye jewelry pieces for months…so are you up to speed on this latest trend?

Kim Kardashian Jewelry: Evil Eye Bracelet

Kim Kardashian seen wearing several Evil Eye Bracelets

What Is It?

The traditional superstition of “Evil Eye Jewelry” is still relevant in Europe and the Mediterranean, which is the belief that you can harm another through an envious look – the “Evil Eye”.

How Does It Work?

The idea behind Evil Eye jewelry, commonly in the form of bracelets or necklaces, is that the wearer’s resin bead “eye” looks back at the person wishing you harm and neutralizes the negative energy.

Why Do You Care?

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lidsay Lohan have been seen this year frequently sporting the Evil Eye in cute bracelets or necklaces. Fashion blogs have really started to blow up about these charms, their power, and breaking down the mystery surrounding them.

You care because you are a fashionista that is up-to-date always with the latest fashion trends, as well as a cultured woman who appreciates protective jewelry.

Evil Eye adjustable bracelet on black cord

Evil Eye Adjustable Bracelet, $15

Where Can I Get Some?

Now that you’re well informed about the latest trend, 6 In the Shipyard’s got you covered! We’ve recently had our Evil Eye jewelry line start flying off the shelves, designed and carried by Ashley Osgood of Ash Tree Designs. Among the available pieces, we have Evil Eye Earrings, $15, Simple Knotted Evil Eye Bracelets, $15, which come in assorted colored beads. The newest additions to these lines have been small Evil Eye Rings and Evil Eye Dangle Necklaces.

Evil Eye Bracelet, $38

We also have “Pandora-Style” Evil Eye bracelets, which feature the Evil Eye in every color (pictured left). These are the most powerful pieces, as it has the most Eyes that look in many different directions. Lastly, we have funky bracelets that feature a single small Evil Eye bead surrounded by chips, beads, or shells in the bead color – very edgy!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

The sun is out and it’s a glorious day to be shopping. Visit us at 6 In the Shipyard to pick up your piece of good-karma. You can also read more about the handmade Evil Eye Jewelry line at this Ash Tree Designs Evil Eye blog post.

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