Posted by: shipyardadmin | March 28, 2011

Spa Items at 6 In the Shipyard: Soul One One 80

Its been a busy year in my life, and autopilot is not my favorite gear.  I continually am looking for more time to plan my “ever-depleting” free time as dates with my husband, friends, children & grandsons start to fill my calendar.  While I promote some of my nurturing items, I need to remind myself to capture some time alone to do the ME things that make me whole.   Time alone to slap some crystallized honey on my face with a hair mask in place, play some George Winston piano music and lie on my back to breathe intentionally for 20 minutes.  Guaranteed that my mind will take me to a meditative state that re-enhances my clarity.  Oh, I best not forget the lotion candle in lavender lit next to me for total sensory fulfillment. Yes!  Just writing this is making me set up a “date with myself”.  Tuesday -that is it- I am booked!

handmade organic soaps at 6 in the shipyard

100% Organic Handmade Soaps


For my customers, I have had the opportunity to present some of my smaller items from Soul 80 at the shoppe, 6 In the Shipyard. With spring approaching and the warm weather slowly showing it’s nose, the colors are becoming crisper and the scents are blossoming with freshness.  Keep an eye out for some smaller renewed furniture items (Soul “Peaces”) coming in April. In the meantime,  the shoppe has Soul Wraps which are natural, white waffle robes that work well on the boat, poolside or simply getting ready for an evening out.  Soul Candles, an exclusive lotion candle made with soy wax, shea butter, and vitamin E oil with luscious scents and colors.  After all, our winter skin can always use some replenishing with a rubbing of warm soy oil after lighting the beautifully scented candles!  Stay whole, nurture your soul and keep peace within yourself however you find a way to accomplish that goal.

Speaking of goals, we at 6 In the Shipyard, continue to fulfill our plan to combine the talents of women that can offer other women the opportunity for a unique shopping experience. Our customers help us realize that goal and one woman’s hand washes the other!  That reality perpetuates the cycle of women helping women.  Just think…a place to gather and find interesting items for people you care about.

A one-stop shop for fun trinkets, handmade jewelry pieces, journals, artwork and pampering objects…etc., etc. etc…for you and all on your list.  I am proud we are able to complete our purpose by offering you our shoppe.  Come in and embrace spring’s renewal!

Teri Rioles

Soul One One 80


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