Posted by: shipyardadmin | March 4, 2011

Oscars: Saying Goodbye to Winter and Hello to Spring Fashion

High Necklines are Hot for 2011

With fashion blogs worldwide a buzz about the latest “Let’s get dressed up, everybody look at me party in Hollywood”, (commonly known as the Oscars), it forces me to wonder what’s up for Spring 2011. Every year, while picking up winter comfort food at the supermarket, dreading the walk to our cars in rain boots, snow boots or a hybrid, we spot the color issue from InStyle or “How to look hot this Summer” from crowd favorite cosmopolitan. You want to pick it up, right? I think: It’s 4.99, that’s a Venti Caramel Macchiato at Starbuck’s, but my snow boots tell me the magazine will bring far more satisfaction. This is, of course, if I read it in bed, under a heating blanket, pretending its already June.

So, why the spiel about the Oscar’s and the mags? Well, we couldn’t be style experts at 6 in the Shipyard without these. Just like Warren Buffet watches Bloomberg and predicts what the stock market is going to do, we read fashion blogs and magazines and watch what the “trend setters” are doing in order to predict our “market”. So what’s “in” for Spring? Well, if you watched the Oscars with pen and paper in hand and stalked photos from Fall Fashion Week in Paris, you would have noticed two very important shifts.

  1. High Neck Lines. They say in economic downturns, clothing becomes more conservative. Skirts get longer, sleeves creep their way down arms and necklines get higher. Why does this occur? Well, you could come up with a hundred reasons, but a few stick out. Back in the day, times got tough and you turned down the heat and piled on the layers, this is making a come back (hello, oil prices going wild). Another important thing is conservative clothing is that it shows austerity. Somehow, even without realizing it, you are telling the world, I’m being frugal, I’m being “safe”
  2. Seventies is all the rage. While I was born in 1990, I know those who had their teen years and early twenties during this epic decade for fashion, have been secretly wishing the styles would come back. I’m sure there is a plaid blazer or a high waisted flowing skirt tucked away in several closets across the space taking up space until fashion trends allow them to see the sun again. Well, ladies, pull ’em out and dust ’em off. Gucci’s Fall 2011 line comes bursting through with deep teals, burnt oranges, mustard yellows and a color I like to call seventies purple. The clothes have a brilliant retro look, something you found on a few daring females attending our famous Oscar’s last week.
6 in the shipyard reports on spring 2011 fashion

Spring 2011 Runway

Seventies is the perfect mixture of conservative style with wild colors. Take a look at what you wore during this week? Was it black and white and boring all over, every day? It’s time to switch it up ladies. Put your own flair on conservative and go local. Come to 6 in the Shipyard. We have fun eclectic pieces for both your wardrobe and your home. Pair old with new, we have jewelry and household items starting at just $5. Don’t worry about being frugal, 6 in the Shipyard will get you that runway look and ready for Spring on a budget, every time.

Check out the Oscar Looks

Read More from the New York Style Article

See you by the sea.

❤ Camille
Camilley’s Closet

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