Posted by: shipyardadmin | December 6, 2010

6 In the Shipyard Party Alert!

What: “Be There” B-List Party

Where: 6 In The Shipyard, 18 Shipyard Drive Hingham MA

When: Wednesday, December 8th 5pm

How is it that there is an “A” List soiree happening on Wednesday, December 8th upstairs from our ‘oh so’ fabulous store (6 in the Shipyard) and we have yet to receive an invite?  An oversight?  Faux pas? We don’t have the required donation available?  Something like that.  However, since we gals at 6 in the Shipyard believe every problem has a solution (Exhibit “A” our fabulous new store here), problem solved…

B List Party 6 In The Shipyard6 in the Shipyard cordially invites all their customers to the very best “B” list party. Ever.  As in  Be There, Shop There, Drink & Dine There, Chat There and, because the “A” List Party is being hosted by a local OFD* boy to celebrate his new movie about a local Southie Boy (who doesn’t love an edgy, good looking boy from the hood?)…’Sight-See There” if you catch our drift. Oh, and shop too!

While the paparazzi will be focusing all their miniscule attention spans on the “A” listers making their way upstairs, we invite our customers to “SHOP AHOY” with us in our humble yet stylish boutique where you can buy just about anything for anyone (including yourself!)
Of course, it will be a total ‘coincidence’ that we will be wearing ball gowns and tiaras. Rumor has it Camille is pulling out a prom dress.

You only live once, make it count. And, always try to pay it forward.  To that end…
6 in the  Shipyard will be collecting donations to the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. Whatever you can donate will be appreciated by the inner city youth whose lives are enriched, encouraged and positively changed due to this wonderful foundation.

Be there.  Wednesday, December 8th 5pm until ‘the stars come out’ and perhaps into 6 In The Shipyard.
Fun, Fabulous & ‘oh so’ Stylish.
Shop Ahoy!

*OFD? “Originally From Dorchester”, of course.


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