Posted by: shipyardadmin | November 20, 2010

Blogging from the Grand Opening in The Shipyard!

Ash Tree Creations

Ash Tree Products

We are writing up this blog post from our Grand Opening at our Hingham Shipyard location! The Opening started at 12pm today, and we’ve already seen a great turnout and sold lots of products from each of the vendors.

Manning the store right now is Jayne from Dock This Way Embroidery and Design, and Ashley from Ash Tree Designs. Jayne has gotten some great feedback from the yoga clothing, and her embroidered “attitude” tote bags and hats – a favorite item so far has been the Hattitude Hats with a single word on them, “pinhead.” Jayne believes it’s because everyone kn0ws a pinhead.

The Ash Tree display is also coming along: my merchandise is displayed on an ornate wooden desk that belonged to my grandfather. On it we have my latest in handmade books, including handmade agendas and handmade journals. There’s also some of my famous jewelry, and some photography prints that I shot while at school at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston. Coming soon are some gorgeous black and white prints I made while studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

So don’t forget to swing by today (we’ll be here until 9pm!) to get a head start on your Christmas shopping! We now have four unopened bottles of wine, not sure they will be that way much longer… 😉

Ashley Osgood

Ash Tree Designs



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